Friday, April 1, 2011

March 30th, 2011
الاعلان الدستوري
Constitutional Announcement (Advertisement)

On March 19th, 2011 a referendum was held over 6 articles of the Egyptian Constitution. Egyptians from all walks of life participated in the referendum and voted freely for the first time. 
However...on March 30th, 2011 the Higher Armed Forces Council made a constitutional announcement to announce a new temporary constitution for the country to follow, until the new parliament and president are elected, and a new constitution is formed.
The temporary constitution included 62 articles (i.e. 56 articles more than what the referendum was held on).
I  have not decided how I feel about this yet. I assume some articles, such as those defining the nature of the state, are constant and unchangeable, and are accordingly not open to referendum.
Do constitutional referendums in other countries follow a similar path?
I honestly don't know.
The Arabic translations is: "Special Offer! Vote on 6 articles of the constitution, and get 56 more articles for free! Courtesy of the Higher Armed Forces Council"

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