Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 10th, 2011
 سي محمد مات؟
After two months of not hearing a word from former president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak neither in the newspapers or in any media, Al Arabia, a Saudi Arabian news channel, broadcasted a voice recording of Mubarak once again delivering a speech to the Egyptian people.
It was delivered in much the same manner as his former speeches, when he was still president, were delivered. He said he was offended and hurt by the many 'false' accusations directed towards himself and his family, and proclaimed to be absolutely clean handed. He also threatened to "maintain his right" to sue everyone and every newspaper or organization that published or announced these 'false' accusations. 
What was astounding to me is that after being ousted the way he was, and at the old age of 83, he still has it in him to make such an announcement on TV, blatantly lie about being clean handed, and threaten to sue those who have 'tarnished' his image!
Today Mohamed Hosni Mubarak is in held in captivity, albeit in a hospital and not in jail as he had fallen very ill after recieving the announcement that he was to be detained for questioning.
The text is part of a dialogue in a classic Egyptian movie called شارع الحب or "Street of Love".
The direct translation of the Arabic text, from the upper speech bubble to the lowest: "-Is Mr. Mohamed dead?", "-I'm telling you he's a CAT!", "-What does that mean?", "-It means he has nine lives!"

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