Thursday, July 28, 2011

 مصر التي في خاطري
The Egypt on My Mind

As the revolution broke out in Egypt, and as the uncertainty regarding the future of the country continues, I cannot help but dream of what I would like to see Egypt look like. I cannot help but hope that the building blocks of this country would include at least all of the characteristics listed in this illustration. These characteristics (each of which is written on a separate block) include: Peace, Innovation, Knowledge, Freedom, Safety, Social Justice, dignity, coexistence and many more.

The song featured below was first sung by the world famous Egyptian Singer Om Kolthoum. It is titled  "مصر التي في خاطري" or "The Egypt on My Mind". The song was composed by Riad El Sonbaty, and the lyrics were written by the poet Ahmed Ramy.

This is another version of the song which was sung in early January 2011in tribute to the victims of the bombing that took place in Alexandria's Two Saints Church (Refer to the very first post on this blog). It's a beautiful version, and one that is very touching indeed.