Monday, April 11, 2011

فين الحقيقة؟
Where's the Truth?

Egypt is in a transitional phase between a dictatorship that has fallen, and between what we all hope will become a democracy. 
One thing I've learned about this phase is that it is messy. With so many suspicious events taking place one after the other, media sources that lack credibility, and with 80 million accusing fingers pointing all directions, it has become extremely difficult to differentiate between what is true and what is false.
The direct translation of the Arabic text is "Where is the Truth?"

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  1. I love this picture like all other drawings of yours.

    With this transitional phase, you should bear in your hearts and minds the revolution which bound you all together... I look at Egypt from two stances; one is from the stance of an envious deprived prisoner who is eager to break free, and from the view of a man who is begging Egyptians to prove his point right... that when we ask for freedom, we can achieve it... "yes we can."