Tuesday, March 6, 2012

   الايديولوجية السياسية لدي معظم المسؤلين
Egyptian Officials' Political Ideology

A few days ago, the Egyptian court handling the case of foreign funded NGOs was forced to cancel the previous decision to prevent the two American citizens who were arrested as part of the case. Hmmm....I wonder why they let go of the Americans that were arrested and not the Egyptians. I wonder if this in any way be related to the fact that the military get a huge chunk of aid money from the American government. But it's this illustration is not only in reference to the relationship between the military and the American government, it's about the relationship between the majority of the population and the person or entity they see as superior/beneficial/possibly harmful to them in one way or the other.  It's a culture that we must change. We need to learn how to regain our dignity as a country, and that means regaining the dignity of each and every Egyptian citizen, without exception.

The direct translation of the text, from the the speech bubble on the right to that on the left, is "In order to get higher, higher, higher" "We must suck up, suck up, suck up". The text is taken from a song written by the Egyptian musical genius, Sayed Darwish, who passed away in 1923. Apparently sucking up has been a part of the Egyptian officials' nature for quite some time. Here is the original song sung by Sayed Darwish:

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